Raise your children to be reliable, empathetic and ready to rise when they fall!

The IQ of today’s children is rising, but the EQ is at the same time on the decline. Research is showing that our children today are more emotionally troubled than the last. Children are growing more lonely and depressed, more angry and unruly, more nervous and prone to worry, more impulsive and aggressive. And it doesn’t end in childhood. Emotional Intelligence is vital skills that are needed throughout life to form happy relationships, to be persistent, happy, responsible, and make good choices. Academics are great, but it doesn’t replace empathy, self-awareness, and adaptability.

The cumulative stresses of modern life have set off an avalanche of depression, anxiety and insomnia. Less obvious are diverse problems such as weight gain and cancer. Most self-medicate to keep our emotions in check using anything from caffeine to cocaine; virtually no one remains untouched.
– Michael Norden, psychiatrist

But we can learn and understand emotional intelligence and
avoid unnecessary suffering now and in the future!

This course is the HOW you change this and give your children these crucial skills!